Guide, Retain & Educate Your Patients:
From Your Clinic to Their Home

Improves Patient Understanding

The video clips displayed allow patients to better understand the relevance of a treatment plan adapted to their condition.

Makes the Patient Feel Comfortable

With all the new information obtained in the operating room and/or from home, patients take more informed decisions regarding their treatment plan.

Increases Interest Towards Treatments

An increased understanding of the offered dental treatments promotes higher acceptance rates of the recommended treatments.

Communicates Information Remotely

When accessing the platform from the comfort of their own home, patients are more responsive and attentive to the various details and impacts of the recommended interventions.


A Secure Education
Tool Offered at Home

Communicate with your patients and allow them to access their treatment plan at home? This is now possible with the patient portal SERVDENTIST™ CX! Emails, customized treatment plans, 2D & 3D video clips: everything you need at the tip of your fingers and available remotely.


  • Créez des plans de traitements simplement
  • Visionnez des clips 2D et 3D des différents services offerts avec vos patients
  • Obtenez des rapports statistiques automatisés
  • Consultez plus de 40 ebooks préconfigurés avec contenu, photos et vidéos


Accompagnez votre clientèle jusqu’à la maison grâce à notre portail Espace-Patient. Il contient entre autres:

  • Une boîte courriel pour échanger de façon sécurisée
  • Des plans de traitement personnalisés
  • Des suivis postopératoires
  • Des sondages de satisfactions adaptés
  • Des articles, ebooks et photos
  • Des clips animés en 2D et 3D


On average, people remember
11% of what they hear and
83% of what they see.


Animate your operating room
with our educational and
customizable screen savers.

ServDentist™ TVO is an educational screen saver that captures the attention of your patients and becomes an informative supplement when combined with the efforts deployed by your team of professionals.

  • It increases the patients’ exposure to the offered procedures.
  • It captures their interest and entices them to ask questions on the various recommended solutions.
  • It increases the yearly income per patient.
  • It limits the risk of an accidental disclosure of confidential information.
  • It reduces the clients’ perceived waiting time.
  • It entertains patients of all ages.

Only offered with ServDentist™ TV 6.


It is now possible to obtain the ServDentistTM suite that includes our 3 solutions.

Ask one of our representatives for more information on our preferential rates.


Educate Your Patients
From Your Waiting Room to Their Home.

InfoSign Media,
proud partner
partner of the ACDQ

Get 10% off the ServDentistTM* suite


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