Simple solution,
powerful results

Educate Your Patients

The animations displayed answer the questions your patients may have regarding the treatments and services you offer.

Increase Interest Towards Treatments

When your clients are more informed on the treatments offered, this increases the acceptance rate of the elaborated and recommended treatment plans.

Increase Your Annual Income

With targeted communication and proper education, we have helped to substantially increase the annual income per client for more than 500 clinics.

Reduce Waiting Time

In addition to being informed about your services and the importance of dental treatments, your clients are entertained and their perception of the waiting time is altered.


No Sound.
No Advertising.

Because a visit at the dentist can be stressful and anxiety-provoking for some, it’s crucial to offer a calm environment fostering peace of mind. That’s why ServDentist™ TV has no sound nor advertising to better capture the patient’s attention, without overstimulating them.


Extend the experience to your
operating rooms and your website.

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proud partner
partner of the ACDQ

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