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Our already proven approach allows clinics to increase their revenues while promoting learning and communication with the patient. This suite includes waiting, treatment and consultation room applications and services as well as home communications tools.


Personalized television service, interactive service for operating rooms and screensavers available throughout the clinic;
3services for the price of one, your monthly plan will cost you $ 98.10 / m plus taxes only (including the ACDQ rebate).
Controller warranty valid as long as your service is in order;
Training and help with the virtual installation of our solutions.


ServDentist ™ TV is a visual communication solution designed specifically for dental clinic waiting rooms as well as orthodontists and denturists. It informs your patients about the existence of your treatments and services, while reducing the perception of waiting time.

Over 150 bilingual clips on treatments, technologies and entertainment
Display of your logo, animated weather forecast in real time, RSS news feed
Add your staff photos, before-after, texts and YouTube clips
Stimulate your patients with the Dentapp mobile app
Customize your screen to your liking by changing the number of zones, size and layout.

ServDentist TVO

The all new ServDentist ™ TVO

The ServDentist™ TVO is an educational screensaver for operating rooms!

It captures the patient’s attention and becomes a complement to your team’s efforts!
It increases the exposure time of patients to the procedures offered
It arouses interest and values asking questions about a possible solution
It increases the annual income per patient
It limits the risk of accidental disclosure of confidential information
It decreases the perceived waiting time at the chair
It entertains patients of all ages


We are pleased to announce the launch of the ServDentist ™ -CX which increases the acceptance rate of the treatment plans offered.

The ServDentist™-CX is an educational and support tool for dental patients allowing patients to make an informed decision. This tool allows you to create treatment plans in operating rooms:

Watch 2D and 3D videos from different services.
What’s more, the ServDentist™-CX accompanies your patient home. We have created a new Dental Patient Space intended to support each of your patients after the visit to your clinic, allowing them to make informed choices. They will find practical information such as electronic books (ebooks) adapted to the different platforms, animated videos with and without audio, surveys, photos …

The Patient Portal is secure for each patient and personalized for each clinic. A unique access code is automatically created for each patient to allow them to access information that the dental team will have determined.

Then, for your information, let me inform you that we are collaborating with 4 dental market management software companies for the design of a bridge with the ServDentist-CX. This virtual gateway will allow professionals to reduce their operating room time when using the ServDentist ™ CX. Thus, the last name, first name, email address and file number will be directly imported into the patient portal submission form, in just one click!

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